Welcome to FPDAPP !

Blockchain technologies (BCTs) make agreement amongst untrusted parties possible, without the need for certification authorities. Introduced in the context of financial transactions by the proposal of Bitcoin (2009), BCTs are a transformational innovation with strong impact in fields that go beyond far beyond the financial or banking sector. Proposed new frameworks have been put forward in sector as diverse as finance, health-care, notary, intellectual property management, identity, provenance, international cooperation, social good, and security to cite but a few. BCTs use a novel distributed computational model, a decentralised computer run by a network of independent peers. The new paradigm of decentralised applications is deemed to support novel ways of interaction amongst individuals, companies and institutions. Particularly, smart contracts, i.e. self-enforcing agreements in terms of executable software running on blockchains, have been developed in several contexts. Such an under-definition computational model introduces innovative aspects, such as the economics and trust of the decentralised computation relying on the shared contribution of peers and their decentralised consensus. As it often happens with the introduction of disruptive technologies, several proposals for their adoption and use have been put forward.

More than a decade after the initial proposal of BCTs, FPDAPP aims to evaluate and demonstrate the potentiality of the novel decentralised frameworks and applications, and look forward to their future prospects. Of particular interest is the evaluation and comparison of killer applications that are showing evidence of how BTC can revolutionize their domains or developing new application areas. Evaluation and comparisons are broadly understood, from technical aspects regarding the novel decentralised computer to the possible impact on society, business and the public sector.

This workshop will have a special look at breakthrough applications and is associated to Europar, a premier conference in the field of distributed computing.

Topics of interest

  • Decentralized democracy
  • Smart voting
  • Blockchain for common goods
  • Decentralized finance
  • Decentralized governance
  • Healthcare
  • Smart home
  • Decentralized IoT management
  • Supply chain management
  • Blockchain in social networking
  • Decentralized privacy
  • Identities management
  • Token economy
  • Cross-chain communication
  • Blockchain analysis and monitoring tool