Welcome to FPDAPP !

Blockchain technologies (BCTs) make agreement amongst untrusted parties possible, without the need for certification authorities. Introduced in the context of financial transactions by the proposal of Bitcoin (2009), BCTs are a transformational innovation with strong impact in fields that go beyond far beyond the financial or banking sector. Proposed new frameworks have been put forward in sector as diverse as finance, health-care, notary, intellectual property management, identity, provenance, international cooperation, social good, and security to cite but a few. BCTs use a novel distributed computational model, a decentralised computer run by a network of independent peers.

FPDAPP aims to evaluate the potentiality of the novel decentralised frameworks and applications. Of particular interest is the evaluation and comparison of killer applications that are showing evidence of how BTC can revolutionize their domains or developing new application areas. Evaluation and comparisons are broadly understood, form technical aspects regarding the novel decentralised computer to the possible impact on society, business and the public sector.

NEWS: Networking session, call for presentation. During the afternoon we scheduled a networking session to give participants the opportunity to present their research activity and projects on decentralized applications. If you are interested and active on the FPDAPP topics, please contact us (Andrea Bracciali, abb[at]cs.stir.ac.uk or Claudio Schifanella, claudio.schifanella[at]unito.it): we will reserve you a time slot for a short presentation of your activity.

NEWS: check the Euro-Par website for all details about the FPDAPP venue.

NEWS: the final program of FPDAPP 2018 is now available at this LINK

NEWS: The workshop features a panel on consensus mechanisms and decentralized governance. Panelist include the Turing Award Silvio Micali (MIT), Nadia Fabrizio (Cefriel), Massimo Morini (Banca IMI). The panel will be introduced by Paola Pisano, Deputy Mayor for Innovation and Smart City, City of Torino.

NEWS: Massimo Morini, will give our first invited talk.
Massimo is head of Rates and Credit Modelling at Banca IMI. He has been an advisor to the World Bank and other institutions. He is professor at Bocconi University and was research fellow at Cass Business school. He holds a PhD in Mathematics. He published several quantitative papers and books on model risk management, credit risk and rates (https://tinyurl.com/ybgn8y7t, https://tinyurl.com/ycsfrdjd). He wrote first article proposing smart contracts for modernizing financial derivatives, quoted by CFTC at US Senate.
His talk will be focused on Delivery vs Payments and Order Matching via Smart Contracts, Reducing credit risk via Collateral automation, How the blockchain meets regulatory requirements, Markets of the future. Privacy and Scalability.